Whole Botanics' suppliers are carefully vetted and qualified for safety and purity.

With the amazing healing power of CBD, the industry has been overrun by companies that would just as soon trade your health and safety for a fatter bottom line.

First, CBD sourced from Asia and other countries is mostly synthetic, with dangerous levels of the heavy metal’s cadmium and lead, as well as toxic chemicals like pesticides.

The hemp used in Botanicol is 100% all-natural, non-GMO, organically-grown hemp from Colorado. It’s a proprietary strain made from clones (baby plants), planted and harvested entirely by hand.

It’s guaranteed to be 100% free of heavy metals and toxic chemicals.

Second, many formulas contain only small amounts of the active form of CBD. The rest are just fillers and other useless ingredients.

In February 2016 – and for a third year in a row – the U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) issued several warning letters to companies that claimed their products contained CBD. FDA testing found them to have NO CBD whatsoever.

Botanicol is tested and verified both in-house and through multiple independent, third-party labs to contain over 99.7% pure CBD – the natural healing compound your body needs to wipe out pain fast – and to be 100% free of useless fillers.

Finally, it tastes delicious. You see, most oral CBD products on the market have an earthy, bitter taste. It’s kind of like eating grass.

Botanicol is specially formulated with just a touch of organic peppermint oil to give it a mild, pleasant taste. And our customers absolutely love it.