When George Washington cultivated hemp (the basis for CBD oil) at Mount Vernon more than 250 years ago, it was intended for industrial uses.

But science is now unlocking the extraordinary health benefits of hemp … showing how it could be everyman’s health elixir.

Here are 10 groundbreaking studies that prove CBD oil works:

Study #1: U.S. National Institute of Healthy study on CBD’s use for pain, anxiety, and depression.

Study #2: U.S. National Institute of Healthy study on CBD’s use to reduce inflammation and pain.

Study #3: University of Sao Paulo study on CBD’s effectiveness at reducing anxiety.

Study #4: Addictive Behaviors study on CBD’s value in helping people quit smoking.

Study #5: Neurotherapeutics study on CBD shows it’s potential to help opioid addicts break the habit.

Study #6: Epilepsia study on CBD’s neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory effects that lead to reduced seizures.

Study #7: British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology study found that CBD prevents the growth and movement of some cancer tumors.

Study #8: Neurotherapeutics study found that CBD is extremely efficient for reducing symptoms related to neuropsychiatric disorders.

Study #9: Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation study showed that CBD lowers the incidence of diabetes by reducing inflammation in the pancreas.

Study #10: Journal of Clinical Investigation study on how CBD could be a powerful acne treatment.

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