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Love the product, however your support system is the worst I’ve ever seen. I’ve even trying to collect my points for over a year with no luck and no help from you guys

Didn’t receive

I didn’t receive my shipment??

Saving me!

Little did I know how helpful this CBD oil would be. I ordered and received it right before my son went into the ICU. I used this to help calm me, both emotionally and physically. I was achy from sitting so much, and I definitely needed something to dial down the intensity. This worked great!


Fast, dependable service!

Awesome CBD oil!

I am on my second bottle from your company, recommended by a friend. I have found it especially helpful with sleep and headaches. Works wonderful, and a fine quality product. Thank you Whole Botanics!

Great product! Nice to see my old puppy with a new found pep.

Whole Botanics

Love the product for our dog. She was experiencing some hip pain and with a dropper full on her food we have really noticed the difference in her movement!!! This is our 2nd bottle and will continue as it has worked for our fur baby!!

Love it

Enjoying the product. Helps my joint pain and is natural

no change yet

I am sorry to report that after taking the product for 8 days I have seen not reduction in pain.

Botanicol 500mg CBD Oil
Richard Wineman
Very Pleased

Great product.

5 Stars

I give this product 5 Stars.

Botanicol 1500mg CBD Oil
Richard Wineman
Customer Service

I received a bottle of 500mg. I paid 149 dollars and some cents. I sent a gmail explaining this problem a week ago. The customer service team has remedied the situation for me.

Senior Dog

My husky is going on 8 years old and is starting to slow down... I heard an ad on the radio for this product and used the discount link provided in the ad to try it out. (they might delete this but here is the link: https://wholebotanics.com/k9radio I wasn't sure if it would do anything at first but they have a 30 day money back deal so I figured why not give it a try... It seems like it's working wonders with Jackson. So far so good!

Botanicol 500mg CBD Oil
Kristina DeVinney
One at the office and one at home

I have a bottle at home. I feel so much better when I take it on a daily basis. So ... I keep a bottle in my office drawer too ... my job has a lot of deadlines and this 500mg helps me focus. I think I'll try the extra strength next just to see the difference. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

It's not as strong as I had hoped. It helps some of my mild pain but not where I really need it.

Sore Muscle Relief

Feels pretty good for atleast a few hours after I put it on...

Wonderful for knee pain.

I have had knee pain for years. When I have a rough day I have been applying the Botanical cream in the morning, at noon, and at bed time. It has defiantly helped with the pain. Will be ordering more!

Botanicol 500mg CBD Oil

Botanicol 500mg CBD Oil

I Can Sleep Through The Night

I have sciatica pain and this product helps me sleep through the night. Best night's sleep that I've had in years. honestly, I recommend it to everyone I know.

Bulk Pricing Update

I've been taking WB for a while now and love the product. The only thing I've always wished for was a discount for buying in bulk. I know I'm going to buy it month after month so it'd be nice to get a break for loyalty. Well, they finally have it and it's awesome. While I wish they always had it, I'm glad it's finally available.

Seems to help

I tried Botanicol to relive the pain in my knee. Having never used a product like that, I asked my family doctor who said he has no objection if it helps me so I took it. In about ten minutes, my knee felt substantially better. I am now a believer. I’m now taking it every day for my joints.

Stomach Problems

I have had stomach problems for years. Acid reflux and Ulcerative Colitis are all I can think about when my stomach starts hurting. After taking Botanicol, my stomach calms down and I can go about my day. It’s the only thing that works for me.

Tennis Elbow

I just started using this product on my tennis elbow after a co-worker turned me onto it. I've been applying it twice a day and so far it's proved pretty good at relieving some of the pain in my elbow... If it continues to provide relief I'll be impressed and would most likely order again.

Instant Relief

This product is great. Any time I am feeling any soreness I just put some cream on and there is relief. I will definitely be ordering this product again in the near future!

Helps my dogs not fight

My dog Kelly gets snappy with my other dog Jack when we feed them so I've been giving Kelly this CBD to help with their arguments. It's worked great so far and I will buy more!