My Personal CBD Story

My Personal CBD Story

Dan Rouse
Migraine sufferers know that non-sufferers really don’t understand the agony that is a migraine.

It’s the same for us insomniacs.

No one but another insomniac truly understands what it’s like to lay awake allnight and then stumble through the day half numb from exhaustion.

No one but another insomniac knows that there are so few solutions available to us to help us find the sleep we so desperately want … at least nothing that doesn’t do horrible damage to our liver or bodies … something that doesn’t leave us feeling worse off than just being sleep deprived.

This was my life for years.

For no reason at all, one night I just stopped being able to sleep. My mother – bless her heart – searched for alternative treatments … but none of them worked. And if one more person tells me to NOT drink coffee after noon or NOT use my cell phone after 5 p.m. … I might explode.

As time wore on, and sleep continued to elude me, desperation began to scrape my mind raw. Finally, I gave in and got one of those awful prescription sleep aids … and true to form, I felt worse than ever.

Then, one day, a very concerned friend handed me a bottle of CBD oil. “Try this before bed tonight,” he said.

I scoffed, but put it in my jacket pocket to use later.

And I slept through the night!

Two days later, I was starting to feel more refreshed as my body began to recover from the sleep deprivation. After three days, I called my friend and said, “You saved my life!”

It was at that point that I knew that there really was a better way.

It was then that I knew I wanted to help others find relief from any pain, stress, or insomnia that plagued them. Just like I’d found relief.

And so Whole Botanics was born, and I’m happy that you’ve joined the family. Thank you.

I’d love to hear your story ...

What drove you to find us?

Write to me at I look forward to hearing from you.

Until next time then, live your fullest life …

Dan Rouse
Executive VP
Whole Botanics LLC

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